Departement: Planning & Analysis

It’s all about the data - we’d be nowhere without it!

Driven by data, we analyze every single detail on every single level. From turnover analysis per month/country to updates on returns and forecasts for intake & orders towards our warehouse - we got it all covered for our product groups. We’re in charge of purchasing budgets, production planning and the numerical composition of our collection. We ensure to have the right stock with the right prices at the right time for all the young fashion-minded.

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Fun facts

We’re responsible for the purchasing budget and development strategy of each product group. Based on our in-depth analysis of the sales and market figures, we determine everything: collection size in terms of options, pieces, depth, margin and purchase value. While also focusing on production planning, sales forecasts & reports, stock & intake, sellthrough, targets and turnover. Yes: we work very closely with the Buying department to reach our objectives and KPIs together.

If you get excited by numbers, always strive for the best results and have awesome analytical skills - you’re at the right place. Do you have a hands-on mentality and is there nothing you can’t do? Are you up for budgeting? And ready to keep a close eye on sale forecasts, production planning and stock optimization? Then we just might be a match.