Department: Operations

Handling logistics from online order to outfit check.

Our team is responsible for the entire goods flows within LOAVIES. We lead and coordinate the daily operational execution of shipments with stakeholders, like our warehouse, and third-party logistics partners. From an order placement to an actual outfit check in front of the mirror: we secure the ultimate customer service and experience. Through fast stock availability and best-in-class logistics, we support in offering the weekly new drops that make the young fashion-minded feel awesome, proud and confident.

Current vacancies

Fun facts

At Operations we’re responsible for the transport and processing of inbound stock from our suppliers to our warehouse, inventory checks and returns abroad. We know exactly how to arrange internal logistics or resolve any questions from customs. Communication is key and we want all processes to go as smoothly as can be. That’s why we keep a very close eye on the performance of third-party partners and last mile carriers, seizing every opportunity for optimization!

Are you an excellent communicator with a flexible attitude and problem-solving mindset? Do you know everything about end-to-end supply chains? Do you thrive in a fast-paced working environment? Are you an excellent driver? Is ‘work hard, play harder’ your personal mantra? Awesome, ‘cause we’re looking for someone like you to join our team!