Department: IT & Development

Using the latest tools to make the perfect place to shop.

The young fashion-minded always get the best online experience when shopping at We thrive on innovation, love to think big and know all about the latest industry trends. We create everything in-house and combine our strategic technical skills to work on meaningful and awesome projects. On a yearly basis, we service more than 20 million visitors and give 1+ million clients the best customer experience there is. Our website is fast, safe and works perfectly at all times, ‘cause we develop new features and maintain all connected platforms in our day-to-day.

Fun facts

As true technology masterminds, we’re in charge of developing and building new features & platforms to make sure all our customers have the ultimate LOAVIES experience on our websites. Testing & implementing new systems, creating components & microservices and reviewing & writing code is obviously part of our core. Our front-end takes care of the entire interface and marketplace platform. The back-end focuses on delivering data, connecting all systems (for payments, carriers, marketing, picking, monitoring and analyzing) and maintaining speed, availability & security of our websites.

Do you speak and dream in code? Are you ambitious, resourceful and collaborative? Can you work excellently with PHP, VueJS, NuxtJS, Magento, Webstorm and Phpstorm? And do you love to play board games? Praise the technology gods: you’re the specialist/ genius our team wants.