People & Culture

We want our squad members to feel awesome, proud & confident

People & Culture is where everything for our squad comes together. From HR topics, recruitment, culture and development to parties, food, drinks and happiness: it's all part of our weekly tasks.
The department is a bit different from what you are used to in most companies. Why? Because we consist of the People & Culture (HR) team and the Kitchen Rockstar team.

Fun facts

People & Culture (HR)

In team People & Culture, we want to make sure the entire squad is at its best at LOAVIES. We’re committed to realizing an awesome work environment for all of our employees. 
How do we do this? By providing everyone with the right tools, information and updates. Helping out with all kinds of questions (yes, you can ask us anything) and supporting everyone in their personal development where needed. 
We believe in our values: #yougotit. At LOAVIES you are in the lead of your own development. You learn each day by growing in your role, asking questions, adding new tasks to your responsibilities and working together with colleagues and partners. 

And yes, we also think party management, (birthday) presents and having fun while working are very important. Taking care of our squad is essential for us, because teamwork truly makes the dream work. From handling all HR administration tasks, questions & policies to the employer branding and the entire recruitment process: we get the job done!

What do we strive for? Being the favorite employer and offering a culture where everyone feels awesome, proud & confident.

Kitchen Squad
Working hard makes us hungry! Every day our kitchen rockstars prepare a delicious, healthy lunch for all of our squad members. Think of a salad bar, fresh smoothies, pastas, paninis, soups, burgers and many many more. 
The snack corners are always stacked with fresh fruit, delicious bites & drinks to keep everyone’s energy level up. Around 15:00 ‘o clock? We always watch our Kitchen Slack Channel, because then the freshly prepared (healthy) snacks are presented & it’s a run to the kitchen ;). Finally, we never kick off the weekend without taking care of the Friday afternoon drinks and snacks.
Where would we be without our kitchen team?!