We’re the force behind all finance related matters.

From preparing and processing financial documentations to monitoring transactions and managing, analyzing and optimizing our budgets: we literally handle everything that’s finance related. We’re responsible for steering our business financially. We’re never not on top of our numbers performance and continuously share our insights with stakeholders to make sure we hit our financial targets. While also making sure that all invoices - from suppliers to third parties and colleagues - are paid on time.

Fun facts

As amazing masters of numbers, we’re in charge of handling all finance related matters regarding LOAVIES. Processing financial records and documentations, maintaining filing systems, tracking transactions and paying invoices is part of our day-to-day. Of course we know everything about VAT submissions, annual budgets and business reporting. Time is money: that’s why we stay on top of data accuracy and always strive for timely and efficient processes.

Are you all about accuracy and working meticulously neat? Do you have an eager attitude, a solution-focused mindset and an excellent attention to detail? Are you a quick, analytical thinker who thrives on working proactively in a fast paced environment? Do you live & breathe numbers? Great, then you’re the finance force our team would love to have aboard.