Department: Creative

Bringing awesome content to life for all our channels with our ever-inspiring skills!

We create awesome and inspiring concepts that we photograph, film and design to bring the content to life for all our channels. Our team is responsible for the online and offline branding touchpoints of the customer experience. With a front seat to our branding strategy, we create and deliver campaigns and content that is on-trend, relatable and exciting to inspire the young fashion-minded all over the world.

Fun facts


Creating the coolest designs is our core. We keep it fabulous, empowering and ever on-point when visualizing our purpose and mission. We’re responsible for the concepting, creation and delivery of a variety of visual output for all of our channels. From website assets to newsletters, social content, advertisements, packaging materials, hangtags and so much more: we create all online/ offline eye-catching designs to give everyone the best branded experience there is.

Are you a true King or Queen in graphic design and crazy about fashion and branding? Is ‘Creative’ your middle name? Do you have a fun, open-minded personality and an initiative attitude? Are you the innovator who stays on top of the latest trends? Yay - come join our creative squad and get ready to work on the most inspiring content & awesome campaigns!


Our team is responsible for bringing our new styles to life. We photograph the coolest models in the hottest styles in weekly e-commerce shoots in our in-house studio or at the dreamiest locations abroad for our big campaigns. From setting up studio lighting and equipment to styling all looks, fast-pacing photography and retouching and colour correcting digital images: we got the product content creation for covered from A-Z to drive continued growth and influence all over the world.

Are you an accurate multitasker and a true team player with an amazing eye for detail? If you enjoy photo shoots to the fullest and know how to translate the hottest styles and accessories into commercial successes: we need you to become a key member of our team! Apply now and get ready to inspire the young fashion-minded.